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Tom Wiseman

АНО ДПО «Английское объединение»


Defining Quality Teaching in the Foreign Language Classroom


What defines quality teacher action in the English as a second language classroom?

Student progress depends on many, many more factors than the teacher can control. While changes in methodology, materials, or technology may improve the situation in some ways, any approach requires effective implementation to have an impact.

However, judging the effectiveness of any strategy must not be based solely on end-of-the-year results or periodic assessment. Clear guidelines for what a teacher should see on a daily basis must define teacher action.

Defining the quality of student practice that brings about effective results gives the teacher a flexible guideline by which to respond to the vast diversity of her students and to understand how, when, and why to use new approaches. In this speech, we will cover the qualities of effective ESL practice and strategies for encouraging more of that practice from students.