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Научная школа "ЧИР-среда"

Д.п.н., профессор Е.И. Чиркова

В 1 семестре 2023-2024 г.г. студенты архитектурного факультета работали по программе «Английский для архитекторов».

Необходимо было выполнить ряд тестов и заданий для того, чтобы получить зачет по пройденному материалу. Некоторые задания давали дополнительные баллы. Мы решили разместить на сайте ответы, которые нам показались интересными или необычными.

Например, предлагалось следующее задание: Попробуйте перевести текст известного мема на английский язык, сохранив юмористический эффект.


И вот ответы студентов:

Костицына Д.В. There is only a moment between the past and the future, it is called life.


Еремина В.А. There is only a moment between past and future, it is called... real continuous (present continuous).


Петров С. А. There is a sigh - not the future and not the past - but sigh is a life... and a Present Continuous Tense.


Осипова Е. Г. There's only a moment between the past and the future and it's called present. Present Continuous. - (ниже я постаралась сделать адаптацию шутки, сохраняя тот же посыл) There is a gap between the future and the past. How do we close this gap? Use Present Continuous!


Титов В. В. There exists but a brief instance betwixt what's been and what's to come, and lo, it is dubbed... Present Continuous.


Сергеева А. Д. There is only one present from your simple past to your perfect future... And that present is present continuous! 


Пугачева П. А. There is only a moment between past and the future..... Life? No, Present Continuous! 


Некоторые студенты сами подбирали известные мемы и переводили их с русского языка на английский.

Зимина Ю. В. Does the name Ibrahim mean anything to you?


Ившина Е. А. Never prove anything to anyone. Life is not geometry.


Ивасечко А. Р. I’m so overwhelmed with my knowledge that I seem to have been living on trillions and trillions of planets like this Earth for a hundred trillion billion years, this world is already absolutely clear to me, and I‘m looking for only one thing here - peace, tranquility and this harmony, from merging with the infinitely eternal…

(мем «мне уже этот мир абсолютно понятен…»)


Спиридонова Л. А. I'm a busy person so I'll say briefly l have two to choose.

I have become so complete in my knowledge that it’s as if I’ve been living on trillions and trillions of planets like this Earth for a hundred trillion billion years you know, like this Earth, this world is already absolutely clear to me, and all I’m looking for here is one thing - peace, tranquility and this harmony, from merging with the infinitely eternal, from contemplating this great fractal similarity and from this wonderful unity of a being, infinitely eternal, wherever you look, even deep into the infinitesimal, even upward - infinitely large, you know?


Егорова А. Д. Lieutenant Rzhevsky is sailing in a boat with Natasha Rostova.


- Oh, Lieutenant, look - swans!... I wish I could be a swan.

The lieutenant is looking for something in the water.

- Oh, Lieutenant, look, there are deer in the forest! ... How I would like to become a doe...

The lieutenant is looking for something in the water.

- Lieutenant!? What are you looking for there all the time?!

- Crayfish... Crayfish.... Where are the crayfish?   


Малышева А. Р. Interviewer: Have you ever met people with rare names in your life?

Woman: How can I tell you... I've lived a pretty long life... Does "Ibrahim" mean anything to you? It's a beautiful name. Allah akbar.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Woman: I went through the Afghan war. I strongly believe that all men should go through it. A man is defined by deeds, not words. And wearing a candibober on my head does not make me a woman or a ballerina.


My name is Leric Arshba, I'm 14 years old, and I live in Abkhazia. We have a very popular TV show called "Let Them Talk" in Abkhazia, and I'm a fan of it. I live here with my mom and grandma. We have a big farm with chickens, cows, ducks, and a large garden. We have a lot of fruits like apples, pears, grapes, mandarins, feijoas, and oranges. I invite you to visit us.


Халявина Е. С. I'm a 9th-grade student, and I love writing scripts. I get chosen as a host for various concerts, and I enjoy the profession of being a host. My mom sent me to feed the chickens. Cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep. For the first twenty minutes, I remember where I am, and then I start imagining that I'm in Malakhov's studio. I start dreaming about the questions I will ask and the topics I will discuss.

"Leric, where are you!?"

"Oh, here we go again, my mom is calling me. Oops, an egg was laid, I'll take it to my mom. My mom called me, it turns out Malakhov's show has started, and I never miss any of his programs. Here's a topic for discussion: I have live swallows at home, and now I'm going to watch the show."

Great! I want to be a professional host like Malakhov. I see this scene every day when my mom discusses different stories with her neighbors, ranging from politics to our village's issues. They are currently discussing something very intensely. I wonder what they're talking about. What are you talking about?

"Can you believe it? An 11th-grade student got married to her teacher. Unbelievable!"

"Why isn't it the Malakhov studio? Right now, I feel like saying, 'Abkhazia, the talk show "Let Them Talk."' Here, we discuss real stories that cannot be kept silent about. This is just a small part of what I can tell you. I hope to see you in the studio. Abziaraz aibabab."


Гордица Д. И.

-This is the key!

- No, something better! This is a drawing of a key!  


Кодишева Л. Е. Мыш (кродеться). Mous (sneoks)


Мудревская О. М. It's some from Elvish. I can't read it


Панченко С. А. I've never understood people who don't speak English


Шайдт Н. М. meme of big Russian cat Floppa. it’s just fun to be according with Russian culture and mentality


Вот такие у нас веселые, творческие, умные студенты.

А чаи бот продолжает:

О да, точно! Я в этом не сомневаюсь! У них столько потенциала и таланта, что у меня иногда просто «глаза разбегаются от восхищения» (неологизм от чат бота). Веселые, творческие и умные — это идеальное сочетание для блестящего будущего!